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Investigator Training Resources


Proceedings of NAS Cell Manufacturing Workshop

FDA Guidance on Regenerative Medicine

FDA recently released 2 new guidance documents on regenerative medicine therapies:

Click here to see the press release.

Osteology Research Guidelines:  Online version of the book series, Osteology Guidelines for Oral & Maxillofacial Regeneration, where leading experts present their tried and tested study protocols and general aspects on preclinical and clinical research.

  • Preclinical Models for Translational Research.  Editors –  Prof. William V. Giannobile and Prof. Myron Nevins
  • Clinical Research.  Editors – William V.Giannobile, Niklaus P. Lang and Maurizio S. Tonetti

Please register (free of charge) at

After you have registered, go to Science, and then to the Osteology Research Guidelines:

Dr. Alejandro Almarza’s review entitled Preclinical Animal Models for Temporomandibular Joint Tissue Engineering published in Tissue Engineering Part B: Reviews

Awareness of the Role of Science in the FDA Regulatory Submission Process: A Survey of the TERMIS-Americas Membership